iSMART is a multi-funcitonal cloud-computing web system that comprised with three components:
(1) TCM Database@Taiwan, (2) iScreen, and (3) iSplice.

TCM Database@Taiwan
The TCM database is currently the world largest and most comprehensive free down small molecular database on traditional Chinese medicine for virtual screening.

To take initiative in the next generation of drug development, we constructed a docking and screening web-server, iScreen, based on our world's largest TCM database, the TCM Database@Taiwan.

iSplice is an online tool combining gapped-dinucleotide pattern probability with logarithmic odds (GO algorithm) to assess the likelihood of the activation of a cryptic 5' splice site, which competes with its paired authentic 5' splice site.

Future Works
The framework of iSMART system has been built and relevant development has been conducted to fabricate multiple analysis components prior the pre-clinical trial. More comprehensive analysis would be conducted with the establishment of complementary functions in iSMART.

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